Water: The Golden Key to Good Health

Did you know doctors can prove that most people don’t drink enough water? When medical providers run urine tests, they find that many people have urine with a specific gravity (concentration) at a higher level than the normal range. Even if you think you, your family, and your pets are drinking enough water, chances are that estimation is wrong.

Why Water is Critical

As you may be aware, approximately 90% of your body weight is made up of water. When you do not drink enough water, your kidneys are often the first to fall victim. This includes suffering increased level of damage from sugar and salt in a way that reduces cleansing power. Since blood pressure is also regulated by hormones secreted by the kidneys, failure to drink enough water may actually be at the root of some high blood pressure cases. No matter whether you are concerned about flushing out carcinogenic toxins or preserving the health of bodily organs, drinking enough water is extremely important.

Bottled Water: It’s a Bad Idea

When you visit any given store, you are sure to find all kinds of bottled water. Here are just a few reasons why bottled water may be dangerous to your health:

The Best Source of Drinking Water

If you truly want the best, and the safest drinking water, it pays to invest in a home filtration system. You can easily purchase an inexpensive carbon filter kit that will fit right on your sink tap. No matter whether you are filtering well water or municipal water, the carbon and other filter elements will remove silt as well as a wide array of harmful chemicals.

When you want to do everything possible to preserve your health, you may at first overlook the importance of water. On the other hand, statistics reveal that the vast majority of people need to work on this issue more than anything else. At the very least, you can try drinking more water, as well as encourage your children and pets to do the same.

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