7 Easy Cancer Prevention Steps Anyone Can Take

For the modern man, cancer is as looming a threat as The Plague in the Middle Ages. However, when you are young and bursting with energy, the risk tends to feel remote. We’ve all heard that prevention is better than a cure, yet when it comes to cancer, things aren’t always very clear. What we basically know about preventative measures still needs to be improved. Despite this, researchers and health care providers unanimously agree that factors such as the way we live, our heredity, and our environment will definitely influence our predisposition to develop cancer.

Therefore, the first step toward cancer prevention is to change your lifestyle. However small they may seem, these changes can prove to be vital. Below you will find a few easy steps that every person who feels responsible about their health should take.

1. Quit smoking

Smoking is associated with different forms of this terrible disease, such as lung or throat cancer, but also cervix or kidney cancer. Research shows that smoking is the chief cause of lung cancer, which is the most widespread type of cancer leading to death, in both men and women, at a global level. Also, secondhand smoking increases the risk of developing lung cancer. If you have been a smoker for years, chances are you will find it difficult to part with this habit. But if you are really committed to giving up, you will find a lot of medical and alternative ways to help you quit and replace smoking with a healthier routine.

2. Change your diet

We are indeed what we eat, so it is important to make healthy nutrition choices. Make sure to include a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet, reducing animal fat as much as possible to diminish the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Also, if you consume alcohol, it is important to drink with moderation. Evidence shows that regular alcohol consumption increases the chances of developing liver, colon, breast or kidney cancer.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercise and an active life are essential for a healthy life, and therefore they are very important in cancer prevention. For a healthier life it is recommended to exercise or be physically active at least thirty minutes every day. Start with walking in a park, follow with shorter running episodes and then you can gradually develop a more difficult daily exercise routine.

4. Avoid sun exposure without protection

Sun exposure is the leading cause of developing skin cancer. Although for most young people tanning and good looks go hand in hand, it is important to be cautious and avoid staying in the sun for too long. You can still look beautiful with a lighter tan, just make sure to use plenty of sunscreen and keep away from tanning beds.

5. Safe sex

Sexually transmitted viruses, such as HPV or AIDS, are a major source of infections among young people with cancer, potentially causing cervical, vaginal, anal and penile cancer. It is critical to practice safe sex by using a condom. It would also be wise to be very careful when choosing your sexual partners.

6. Avoid drugs

Drug abuse and needle sharing increase the chances of developing hepatitis B and C, which may lead to liver cancer as well as HIV.

7. Regular medical checkups and screening

By undergoing medical examinations regularly, doctors have more chances to identify cancer in its early stages and are more likely to treat it successfully.

The road to prevention starts with awareness and then acting on it day by day, so by changing your lifestyle using these small tips, you can lower the risks of developing cancer.

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