5 Easy Ways to Avoid Getting Sick

There is nothing worse than catching a cold or some other annoying sickness while trying to maintain an active lifestyle. Dealing with a personal sickness or familial sickness introduces headaches and stress into already hectic lives. However, there are many easy ways that we can avoid getting sick altogether. Thus, we are more impactful and efficient in our everyday live. Not to mention, we feel better and enjoy ourselves more. These five easily adoptable methods of living immediately decrease the probability of catching a short-term bug.

  1. Wash your hands an average of 10 times a day. This is something that cannot be emphasized enough. The alcohol based sanitary products are not nearly as viable options as the old-fashioned soap and water. These ten times a day should include every time that you exit the bathroom. The recommended length for washing your hands is about how long it takes to sing the Happy Birthday song.
  2. Take vitamin supplements. An especially important vitamin in warding off unwanted colds is vitamin C. Any time you start to feel sick immediately get some vitamin C in your body. While the vitamins are more efficient in introducing this important vitamin, another good way is to drink lots of orange juice or fruits.
  3. Avoid touching your facial regions. This prevents a majority of germs from the openings of our bodies. The head contains three immediate areas of bacterial transfer into the body: the eyes, mouth, and nose. If you avoid touching these areas you eliminate the transfer of bacteria that can be found on every surface that is touched throughout the course of a day. Avoiding direct contact with doorknobs, toilet regions, public objects, and other sick people, helps decrease the amount of foreign bacteria that you interact with. Thus, any nominal face touching that is done does not carry the same amount of inherent risk.
  4. Do not share food and drink. This is the easiest way to directly communicate germs from person to person. Even if a friend or family member does not display signs of sickness, this does not mean that they are not carriers of unhealthy bacteria.
  5. Maintain a healthy immune system so your body is well prepared to fight off unwanted bacteria. The easiest way to not get sick is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. An adequate amount of rest every night is needed in order to replenish immune cells in your body that fight off sickness. Eating healthy foods rich in nutrients and adopting a regular exercise regimen keeps the immune system up and running. This greatly decreases the chances of any sickness being introduced into your life.

Following each of these tips carefully and expanding upon them will not only improve your life efficiency and reduce the chances of sickness, but the combined effect vastly improves overall health as well.

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